1 – The Plan

The plan is to propose to my girlfriend. We’ve been together for a few years, and she deserves the finest in custom jewellery. More specifically a custom engagement ring, made exclusively for her. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the proposal, and the ring, need to be just as unique as she is.

I’ve been browsing for a place to easily create a custom engagement ring, and have stumbled across a number of sites to help. What I’m looking for is a) easy to use b) options galore c) trust in the maker. Many of the custom jewellery designers out there are able to fulfill one or two of these prerequisites, but only one was able to satisfy all three, plus remind me of a fourth: Experience.

Why does experience matter? Easy, read on:

2 – Experience in Creating Custom Jewellery

Once you’re considering customizing something as big as the engagement ring you plan on giving to your significant other, you start looking at all the details. Experience is a factor that is hard to quantify with anything besides years. When we’re talking about several decades of experience in creating custom wedding jewellery such as engagement rings, you can be pretty sure that the individual can offer great insight and help.

One of the advantages of experience is: predicting and avoiding common pitfalls. With ring design, I’m sure there are many ways for the process to go wrong. Having a confident and experience designer helping you can ease the mind AND wallet. For the reason of experience, and my initial three criteria for my quest for a jewellery designer, I’m pleased to say that I found the individual, Harris Nudelman of Paul Nudelman Custom Jewellers in Montreal, Quebec.

3 – Meet Custom Jeweller Harris Nudelman

Harris Nudelman is the owner and operator of Montreal based Paul Nudelman Jewellers. I chose to work with Harris after a phone call in which he very patiently described the jewellery creation process to me. I had plenty of questions regarding each step, to which Harris confidently answered and reassured me.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone at a business, and they completely changed your outlook on an industry? Harris had this effect on me regarding the custom jewellery business.

My only lingering concern after the initial conversation was “how will the computer designed model of my engagement ring convert to reality?” Harris followed up on this concern by emailing me a couple pictures that showed the initial computer renderings followed by the actual physical outcome, the finished engagement ring from a prior couple. See here:

As you can sort of see from the model to real life conversion, it only gets better as the engagement ring enters the real worlds. Shock and awe.

4 – How Montreal Rocks and Custom Engagement Rings

Montreal, Quebec isn’t shy when it comes to being a major jewellery hub of Canada. In fact, it may be among the top 3 centers for finding crafty individuals and companies to create the custom engagement ring to satisfy your luxurious lovers. My future wife-to-be isn’t exactly gold-plated, but she certainly enjoys the finer things in life. I don’t want to go in to this custom ring creation with partial enthusiasm, which is why I’m happy to have found someone with as much class, dignity, and experience as Harris.

Though based in Montreal, he is able to provide sales and service for people across Canada. As a mostly digital service at it’s core, the custom ring design can take place in conversations separated by entire provinces. Geography is not a barrier for greatness.

5 – Diamond and Ring Education From Paul Nudelman Jewellers

For the lucky ones (like me) you’ll have the benefit of talking directly to Harris to gain a full understanding of how your custom engagement ring will be designed, crafted, and forged. For people who aren’t quite ready to make the phone call, Harris has excellent educational material on his website where you may be able to gain advanced knowledge on the subject.

Arming yourself with knowledge on a potential purchase is the best way to assure a happy transaction. Read through the educational page and you’ll see how Harris’ words on the page can make clear even the foggiest of diamonds :)


Anatomy of a diamond

Custom diamond details

6 – How Paul Nudelman Differs from Other Jewellers

Throughout my search for a custom jeweler savant, it became perfectly clear that pricing and service are the top 2 concerns potential buyers have.

We as buyers don’t want to have to feel like we’ve paid too much, or are being duped. With Harris’ results and explanations, I never once got the feeling like anything was overpriced or marked up beyond realistic expectations. I understand the fellow has to make a couple bucks, but he’s doing it respectfully and responsibly. This makes me respect the process that much more.

Service is also a delicate flower in the eyes of the buyer. Too often you are met with the stereotypical jewellery store sales staff with a primary objective of moving product. Consumers can see through that a mile away these days. As buyers get more sophisticated, we must rely on sales teams who actually realize the power of this movement, and take advantage by just dropping the suit, tie, and phony accents and just talk straight. We’re all people, and we aren’t under any illusions anymore. It’s a great new world, and we’re all working together.

7 – Back to the History of Montreal Based PNJ

70 years of experience and history in the jewellery business have set a reputation and track record that very few in the business can match. Sure, there’s some big names out there that have survived. Rarely, though do you hear about multi generational business successes that transcend more than a half century.

This perpetuity of excellence is just a glimpse into the heart of Paul Nudelman Jewellers success and reasons for CONTINUED success. I am glad to have met and dealt with Harris. His efforts to expand and adapt to an ever changing jewellery marketplace are a good sign that individual business owners are always the bedrock of a solid nation, and economy.

History of Paul Nudelman Jewellers