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Spray tanning is one of the methods in which you can tan without using the Sun. This is a method that has gained popularity since 1960 and the light-skinned among us have been getting great results ever since.

For many years we have all been concerned about our appearance and we are willing to do many things to achieve the perfect look. Spray tan seems the least crazy of them all… Let’s learn a bit more, shall we?

What is Spray Tanning all About?

It is also referred to as Sunless tanning where a mist is sprayed onto your body. It contains chemicals in the tanning solution that will react with your skin and turn it into a tan or bronze color (you know you love it!). (Read 21 tips on spray tanning from She Knows!)

When applying this to your skin, you should keep in mind that the effects generally last 3 days to a week and it is considered to be a safe way to get a tan.

While you will not have to use the Sun to get your tan, it is important to note that the spray tan method will not give you any protection from the rays of the Sun.

Many of us have been using spray tanning for years and are normally pleased with the end results. It is a preferred way to get a tan by celebrities or models as this usually gives them control over the color of the tan they will get (having total tone control is a huge plus).


There are many ways for the spray tan to be applied and it will depend on where you choose to visit to have it done. One popular way is to have it applied is in a booth which will have several nozzles spraying your complete body with the tanning solution.

A second method would see the solution being applied with an airbrush or airgun that are quite similar to what professional painters use to paint a wall or a house. These can be very useful as they are small and portable so you can essentially have it applied anywhere that is convenient to you.
Another way is to use a bottle for application.

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These can be used conveniently by users in the comfort of their home without any professional assistance. These comprise of the same ingredients that are found in the professional grade and you can obtain similar results.

It is really up to the user to choose which one they prefer and the best results will be obtained when it is applied professionally. This will guarantee the use of the best equipment and the best coverage and overall appearance when completed.


There are other ways that you can obtain a Sunless tan and these include using gels, creams, lotions or mousses. However, you will see differences once you use a professional spray tan instead of these methods. When you apply a spray tan to your skin you will see that it will dry faster than other methods and it is unlikely it will get on your clothes, bed or while interacting with others.

Overall it is easier to apply using the fine mist as compared to applying a lotion or gel over your entire body. When applying the spray tan, you can better achieve the color of the tan you would want even though this varies when applied to different persons.

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You may test a small area on your skin to verify that the color is the result you want. If the color is acceptable, then you will be satisfied with the evenness of the application. Since you can test it out, you can verify how it interacts with your skin chemistry before completing everywhere.


There is some amount of preparation you can do so there are some things that you should think about before you get your application (Here’s even more tips if you’re looking at getting your very first spray tan). You may choose to remove any body hair before but this should be done before you have your tan applied. It is advised that you should do it about 24 hours before you apply and this can help you to get a perfect finish.

It is also good to exfoliate before so you can ensure all the dead cells and dry skin are removed before applying the tan. You will be assured of better results when this is done. This can also be done 24 hours before your appointment to apply the tan.

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You should always remove any makeup, moisturizers or deodorant that may contain oils that prevent the tanning solution from binding to your skin. This can lead to the result of the tan to become blotchy or streaky.
Before the application of the tan, you should apply Vaseline to your elbows, ankles, knees and palms.

These areas tend to become darker after an application and when you protect these areas from too much DHA this may be a good idea. You may also wish to wipe these areas after the solution has been applied.

Taking care of the tan

When you get the tan, you should be aware of some of the things you should do right after to protect yourself and the application. Depending on the tan you receive, you may have to wait sometime before bathing. There is a general time frame of between four to six hours before you can apply water. It is also important to remain hydrated and keep yourself moisturize. Usually the color will show as the mist is applied, however, the true color of the tan will fully develop 3 – 5 hours.

Is it safe?

The application of a spray tan is considered to be safe. It is generally recommended that you should minimize the amount of tanning solution you inhale and protect your eyes and nose.


Using a professional place to apply your spray tan will be a good choice as they will have all the necessary equipment to have this done. The salon will also have trained and qualified staff that will help you achieve your needs and keep you safe with an efficient application.

When coming in to get your tan, you can do some research on the website of the company so you can have all the information you need. You will be properly informed so you will not have any fears and will be prepared for what you are about to undergo.

You can be assured of the process and what you need to do to get the best tan.

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