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Businesses in Oakville, Ontario (Finding the Best 2018)

Why Do I Love Oakville?

I love how small YET big Oakville is. It retains a sense of small town charm and essence, but still has everything a person needs in terms of big city luxuries. I mean, we have a Whole Foods, for goodness sake. There’s only a handful of these stores in Canada to begin with. So for Oakville to be blessed with one is just that – A blessing!

There’s other great things about Oakville, and it does seem like the benefits seem to pop out in the warmer weather. It is a summer town, and with that comes beach walking, and trail hiking. All the while keeping close to the major artery of Ontario, the 401 and QEW. You’re never far from an exit strategy if you happen to need one.

Oakville Ontario

How Did I Find Oakville?

You can find Oakville, Ontario squeezed right between Burlington, On and Mississauga On. This comfortable middle ground is the perfect economical center point to keep local businesses adaptable to their service area, as well as keen on what outsider competition is doing.

You never want to get stuck in your comfort zone when there’s always the possibility of a neighbor coming in and eating your lunch!

Is it Costly to Live in Oakville?

It is reasonable to live in Oakville. I will not specifically say whether it’s expensive or cheap, as that totally depends on your point of view. Granted, I know many people would say that it is a costly community to live in, but if you’re on the other side, and have a pretty decent job, you’ll be thankful that you have a great selection of retail outlets and Whole Food type markets to spend your money on.

I always say that healthy living is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, so why would you want it any other way – Eat and live healthy in Oakville, Ontario.

Oakville Businesses

If you are looking to learn more about local businesses, you need to tune into either the Oakville Chamber of Commerce directory, or the Company page of the city itself. A great list of who’s who in this wonderful area.

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