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New Home Architectural Design Belleville

Building a new home is the most rewarding, exciting, scary and emotional event. When you spend years dreaming up all the little and big things that you just need to have in a custom home build, you want it perfect, and that includes the architectural design of the home.

My wife and I agreed when we were in our 20’s that we would check daily for the perfect lot or subdivision for our own designer home. We also watched plenty of tv shows about real-estate and home redesigns for inspiration.

Living in Belleville at the time was not our forever home. We both didn’t desire the city vibe and hated not having privacy in our backyard. Add in the fact we want to start a family and have small town connections, we were looking elsewhere.

That was when we found our perfect lot. It already had a house on it, but, it was too small and needed plenty of work done to it. So we found a architectural home designer that we had heard so many good reviews about locally to our project team.

harmony designs

Preliminary Concept Drawings

After purchasing our property and hiring a team we got straight to work. While minor upgrades were being done in our current home for resale value we were deep in the thick of planning our blueprints.

It helped that our home designer had a team that could do the renovations too! We knew we trusted them making our process even more laid back. The less to worry and think about the better!

Our home designer had an initial appointment with us asking us all sorts of questions. Having already gone through many long discussions with my wife we were able to give quite a few quick answers. After our consultation we had the property inspected for demolition and started our permit applications.

Our home designer had permit ready blueprints of homes with stamps already and luckily enough… We found one that we loved and could tweak it just enough that we would have our ultimate dream home. interior design

3D Designs

After a few months our permits were approved. The demolition of the current home on our property was started. We took the day off to watch the destruction, the company made quick clean work of the job.

In that same week our home designer had called us to let us know they had created a 3D design using 3D design software and were ready for us to add and remove to it as we pleased. This was when things got real. Seeing the home design in 3D gave us more perspectives of how we could add more character to our rooms.

My wife had a few little design changes that we didn’t even think were possible nowadays. We had travelled to Florida one year and stayed in an older home with an ocean front.  My wife fell in love with the architecture of the home. Rounded doorways, sunken in wall shelf nooks with rounded tops and a secret extra staircase from the main floor to the upstairs in the kitchen pantry to the basement. It was an odd secret staircase, but was pretty cool to get to the laundry faster. HA.

Not only did we tweak and add our personal quirks, we also got to see different flooring options and wall colours. Kitchen layouts were the trickiest. We loved the way the blueprint had been arranged but wanted to add in a bit more seating area to our open concept custom build.

A few options came about from our home designer and we were tickled pink!

The flooring was all pecan stained hardwood and tiled bathrooms. The bathrooms were all custom laid out for our future kiddos, and of course… our jetted tub in front of our huge window. Nicely Designed Home

Interior Design

Months went by and we got to watch all the phases of our house being built. The quality and workmanship our architectural home design team delivered throughout the entire process was relieving. All the reviews for this company weren’t holding back! I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone in the area.

When it came to the interior design stage, our home designer sent us to specific suppliers and businesses that they have dealt with. We didn’t even know that some of them existed.. It was easy to go into the local hardware shop and dream, but going into the specific suppliers was heavenly.

For our flooring, we were very picky. The specific texture and stain had to be exactly what we were envisioning. Thankfully this business had so many varieties to choose from.

Our tile was also found pretty quickly in this flooring store. Prices weren’t ridiculous and quality is top of the line. It’s crazy how big box stores charge big money for low quality after seeing what real product is worth.

The kitchen cabinetry may have been the trickiest of designs. We didn’t want a modern white trendy kitchen. My wife loves to cook and plans on spending afternoons with our kids prepping food and creating memories. Having the open concept our home designer was on the money with ideas of details. Because we have rounded archways, lighter wood flooring and counter tops they suggested trying a dark kitchen.

At first we both nearly died at the thought. We envisioned light grainy wood with oil rubbed bronze hardware.

The home designer had keenly paid attention to all of our conversations picking up on little cues we hadn’t even realized ourselves. We kept mentioning an earthy and natural theme. So they showed us what a charcoal with a hint of deep green looked like. The front panels were still showing the wood grain textures and matte with a subtle arched inset sanded in. Marvellous!interior design

Final Product

Moving in day was the most memorable day of our lives. It wasn’t just the event itself… my wife had had the architectural designer finish a bedroom using her interior design skills, so it was set up for a baby. I had no clue! It was the perfect book end to a very organized and smooth home design and build.

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