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Kitchen Renovations in Norfolk County

Kitchen Renovations in Norfolk County

Why Should I renovate my Kitchen?

You should renovate your kitchen in Simcoe or Norfolk County if you are at your wit’s end putting up with out of date flooring, cabinets, counter tops, or lighting (among other things).

We all experience this feeling. Especially when we are so often bombarded with pictures or videos of brand new kitchens, or fresh renovations on other people’s posts or on TV (if you still haven’t cut the cord!). It’s hard NOT to be jealous of an updated kitchen with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern kitchen reno in Simcoe.

new stove top in kitchen

This is not to say we should just jump head first into a relationship with a local contractor and start making demands for marble and hard wood. If the circumstances are right for you, and you can afford to make the change, then you should absolutely take a look at updating some rooms in your house. Typically the kitchen or bathroom are the first that people will upgrade.

When is the Best Time to Start a Project?

Any type of interior renovation is okay to do any time of year. Though you’ll often have better luck trying to capture the attention of a Norfolk County contractor if you wait until the late fall / winter.

Late Fall and Winter is Prime Time

Contractors are usually focused on the seasonal efforts in the Spring and Summer, so they may intend to delay these sorts of interior renovations until they’ve got all those exterior projects completed.

Thought there are additional factors such as issues with debris removal, but we know a local contractor who takes extra care in how they tackle winter renovations.

Who is the Best Contractor in Norfolk County?

As much as I hate to play favourites, there comes a time in every blogger’s life where they must draw a line. The best contractor in Simcoe, and Norfolk County, based on reviews, experience, and overall quality of workmanship:

Mark Acton Construction Ltd

Based right here in Simcoe, Ontario, Mark Acton Construction has been updating and renovating kitchens across Southern Ontario for over 30 years. Mark and his team’s attention to details and the functionality of a modern kitchen are key factors of why he’s been nominated as the best local contractor.

Though, to truly get a read on his services, and how he tackles each project, you’d be best to start up a conversation with him yourself.

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How Can I Contact Mark Acton?

You can get in touch with Mark by phone at either:

  1. 519-429-3001
  2. 519-909-0385

Or you Can check out his listing on the Renovation Directory or his website page on interior renovations here. There’s always a contact form on these types of pages, so you can quickly send him a message to request a kitchen renovation meeting.

It’s a great way to get started and see what it would take to kick start your next big upgrade.

How Long Does it Take to Upgrade My Kitchen?

Always the question of the truly impatient. A complete kitchen renovation project takes time. You’re talking about finesse and technical skills all combining in harmony to create Simcoe’s next hottest kitchen. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Some smaller jobs can be done in short order. However, if the job requires almost complete tear down and recreation of the space, you can bet you’ll be in to a multiple day affair.

I know Mark and crew strive to do as much with the time given. Ultimately it’s simply too unfair to both sides of this equation to predict a timeline without having the conversation.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate in Simcoe?

Well… This is an easy one. READ ABOVE. You cannot possibly hope to be able to put a price on the ambiguity that comes with all of the variables involved in a construction project. No contractor in Norfolk County would submit to that. That’s just crazy!

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What Type of Products & Materials Should We Use?

A good kitchen involves a lot of thought in materials and styles. Most modern bold kitchens have an excellent mix of components that won’t become dated. Not as fast as some of the 80’s stuff at least.

With granite or marble counter tops you are adding a hearty, hefty and durable surface for all of your kitchen preparation.

Can I do Kitchen Renovations Myself for Less?

I know how this goes. When you start planing to do the reno yourself, you’re in one of two camps… Either you are gung hoe and have a grand master plan. OR, you’re like me, and you dread the thought and verge on anxiety about doing any of the work yourself.

If you’re handy at all, I would certainly entertain the idea of doing the labor yourself. It just isn’t for me. And that is why I call a local Norfolk Country contractor like Mark Acton for my interior jobs!

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