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Burlington & Oakville Driveway Sealing {New! 2019}

The Kings of Concrete and Driveway Sealing Reign

Every home, every sub division, and every burrow of the Golden Horseshoe knows that a slick and smooth driveway is a spring and summer time MUST-DO. With all the ‘fly by night’ companies in the concrete industry, who should we attempt to get in touch with to seal our driveways in the Burlington/Oakville area?

Before We Rank Hot Driveway Sealing Companies…

A Few Facts About Concrete and Driveway Sealing:

  • Asphalt has been around for over 300 years
  • Stamped and pattern concrete driveways became popular in the 1980’s
  • The first company in the Oakville/Burlington area involved with pattern concrete was Canadian Concrete Sealing
  • There are many ‘secret recipes’ that driveway contractors use for their work
  • Concrete itself was invented in 1849, and has seen various tweaks over time.
  • Burlington and Oakville have one of the highest concentrations of stamped concrete driveways in Canada.

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2017 Burlington Oakville Driveway Sealing Company Rankings:

#1) Winner – Canadian Concrete Sealing

Canadian Concrete Sealing is one of the founding families on stamped and pattern concrete driveway sealing. Commencing work in the 1980’s they established dominance by being first to learn and execute on the advanced techniques involved in stamped concrete.

Growing outward and expanding into the Oakville and Burlington markets (from Hamilton area roots), Can-Seal continued to innovate and excel at sealing driveways and performing mini miracles with concrete.

Canadian Concrete Sealing can be reached at:


Burlington Driveway sealing company

Smooth Driveways are Coming, Oakville

When was the last time you paid any attention to the state of your driveway? Personally I rarely take notice. It’s a very utilitarian component of my home. It’s basically a formed rock that I use to park my car on. I know not everybody is like this, and things like the smoothness or the shine of a driveway can be something that irritates you if it is not perfect.

I’m not doing our driveway myself. Nope.

Have you tried sealing your driveway yourself? There are plenty of products that allow you the chance to take your concrete destiny into your own hands. I’m not a handy man, or a do-it yourself type of guy. This is why I opt for the professionals. They make a living sealing driveways and working with concrete. That’s the exact person I want to do the job for me. I know it will end up done right, or at least close to correct. A driveway done by a professional speaks volumes to me.

If I did it, it would take 10 times longer than a pro, and the quality of the concrete sealing work would likely be terrible – Capital T.

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