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Foundation and Demolition: Morris Trucking

Morris Foundations / Demolition

Morris Trucking & Excavating has been around the block… More than once. For over 45 years, this trucking and excavating company has existed to help people (or businesses) like you, save money, and get work done faster. This win-win scenario for your project (foundation, demolition, lot leveling etc) that uses a ton of past experience and existing equipment to do exactly what you need, and in good time.

Save money with:

  • Equipment rentals when you need them
  • Operator rentals so you don’t need to train operators
  • The right equipment for the job
  • Decades of experience, by the hour

Chuck Morris

Get to Know Morris Trucking in Norfolk County

For Morris Trucking & Excavating, hard work has always been a matter of fact. Long hours and hard work are what make this Simcoe, Ontario based foundation and demolition company such a long term success.

Morris has plenty of heavy equipment for rental if you need to use their services to get a job done fast. For instance, if you’re building a home in Norfolk County, and need an excavator to dig the foundation, or a backhoe to demolish an old home… They’ve got you covered.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

Heavy equipment for rent is largely a great investment for home builders, as they can tap into huge capitally intensive inventory, and put it to use at an hourly, or daily rate. This is a far better use of financial resources than putting down the capital required to purchase the equipment outright.

Experienced operators are also part and parcel to the Morris Trucking operation, as you may definitely require someone licensed, insured, and trained to use the machinery. Excavators, backhoes, loaders and dump trucks may all seem like something that anyone can operate, however, they are certainly complicated machines.

Street work in Norfolk County

Knowing your Heavy Machinery / Equipment in Simcoe

Do you know your heavy equipment? It’s important to have a grasp on the different types of rental equipment from Morris Trucking that you may need for your Simcoe, Delhi, Port Dover or other such job in Norfolk County.

Front End Loader Rentals

Front end loaders are often considered to be the more versatile equipment in the heavy equipment sphere. They’re typically a four wheel unit (sometimes articulated in the mid section) and have a large bucket at the front. This front end bucket makes it a great piece of machinery to move large quantities of material from one area to another, or loading up a dump truck…

Dump Truck Rentals

One of the classics, dump trucks are a widely used vehicle that allows you to transport all the goodies that you’ve been piling up with your front end loader. The dump truck, almost regardless of axle count, is hinged at the back, and uses hydraulics to push up the front end of the box. This allows you to dump stone, gravel, soil, junk etc, on site.

The inventor of the dump truck is missing from the history books, but we’d love to nod our heads at him.

Tri axle dump truck

Backhoe Rentals is Simcoe, Ontario

Backhoes are pretty popular rental machinery in Simcoe and Norfolk County. Their bucket on the end of an articulated arm of a tractor/truck makes for a very convenient tool for digging in certain circumstances where a front loader could not quite commit. The backhoe can as well load up a dump truck for removal of materials. It would indeed seem that each operating piece of heavy equipment pairs very well with a dump truck. A package deal often occurs as a result.

When calling Morris Trucking and Excavating in Simcoe, Ontario, make sure you’ve done your research to know if you’ll also need a dump truck rental along with your backhoe or front loader.

Excavating equipment Simcoe Ontario

Working with Morris Trucking & Excavating / Local Business Synergy

With a yard and home office in Simcoe, Ontario, Morris Trucking and Excavating is no stranger to the Norfolk County area. Having been a local resident his entire life, current owner/operator Jesse Morris enjoys helping the County with municipal projects, as well as local home builders such as Herrewynen Homes when they need a foundation dug, a home demolished, or a lot cleared, leveled, or brush removed.

Buying Big Equipment Versus Renting?

Not every home builder in smaller counties and communities are able to make the investment into having big equipment on hand for their needs. This makes a service that allows you to rent the big equipment such as excavators, backhoes and dump trucks. With rentals you are able to pay as you need, and therefore you’re not sunk capitally by needing such equipment now and then.

With Morris Excavating, you can rent heavy equipment when you need, including the operator. It’s simply the way to go in order to save money and get the job done FAST.

Norfolk County Excavator

Side Note: How Cool are Dump Trucks

Keep in mind that for Simcoe, Ontario and Norfolk County, dump trucks are widely useful. There’s so much construction going on, that a dump truck rental service can be something that your construction business can take advantage of only using such a service as needed. Again, save money, rent, don’t waste capital.

With Morris Excavating

When you work with Morris Trucking and Excavating, you’re saving money and increasing your own productivity. You don’t have to buy equipment, you just rent it. You do not need to train operators, you just rent them.

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