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Update to a Long Serving Plumbing Company

Welcome to BC Plumbing found here in the lovely city of Brantford, Ontario.

We are your #1 choice for plumbing needs as we offer a wide range of plumbing services and maintenance services. You can get all your plumbing needs addressed on your time when it is convenient for you.

We have been in the plumbing business for over 15 years and there is no job too big or no job too small, once it involves plumbing, we will be there for you, all across Southern Ontario, including Brantford, Simcoe, and surrounding counties!

Plumbing Service Ontario

What to Look for in a Plumber?

Trained Staff

You can be assured that when we respond to your job, we will send professionally trained and certified plumbers that will give you a great experience. Our plumbers will treat you with respect and explain all the issues that you are facing and allow you to understand what needs to be done. You can be guaranteed of our high standards to get the job done, every time.

Trained Plumbing Staff
Expert plumbing staff

High-quality service, every time

We offer you fast and responsive service that will take care of you, the customer! We will take care of your needs, emergency or regular plumbing service and we will respond in the shortest possible time. We travel all over Brantford, Brant County, and Norfolk County – We’ve got you covered!

Our aim is to respond to your needs in an efficient way. It doesn’t matter whether it is your home or business, or farm. We want to get to you quickly before the issue gets worse and may end up costing you more.

professional service

Fully Equipped

We are equipped and ready to take on any project or issue you may have. Our plumbers have all the required tools and equipment that they need to resolve your plumbing issues in no time. As you’ll see below, we even have sewer and drain cameras to help diagnose those trickier plumbing issues.

Need some help in Brantford or the surrounding area of Brant County? Consider us first!

The Right Equipment for the Job
Wrench/tools and pipes

See some of the services we offer below:

Plumbing Services Provided by Us

New Construction residential and commercial

For many years we have been helping people during the construction of their new homes or offices throughout Brantford and area.. We will help you to outline your needs in your new building and help you to formulate what you need. We have our experts ready to work with you to get you started in the shortest possible time.

New plumbing installation
Residential and commercial installation

Water lines, sewer connections and replacements

From time to time, you may have to check your water lines and possibly do some work in your sewer lines. Many times your sewer work may come up in an emergency situation and not enough research may not be done.  There may be a number of ways to fix your issue and our professional plumbers in Brantford will advise you on how to make the best choice.

Water treatment

There are times when you may have concerns about the quality of the drinking water in your home or office. Our professionals will guide you on the best way to treat the water based on your needs and the current status of it. You can be sure that we will respond with the most professional staff and you will not be disappointed. We will help you to achieve fresh, potable water for you to safely use and consume.

Sewer Cleaning

There are times when your sewer line may be backed up and you need a professional to clean it and allow the line to be clear.  We can drain the sewer and remove any debris that may be restrictive to adequate flow. We do this all the time and we are prepared to clean and sanitize and help you restore your area to the correct functionality.

Sewer camera inspections

In some situations, you may not be clear on what is happening in the sewer line. Therefore, to get eyes on the actual inside of the drain, a sewer camera inspection can be done. This includes the use of a waterproof video camera snake that can be used to reach the difficult areas to perform a visual inspection. This will be a good approach to see exactly what is going on inside your drain and allow you to fix the issue.

Sewer Camera
Not an actual sewer camera :)

Water heaters

Hot water is an essential thing to have in your household and this is received from having a water heater installed at your home. We can service and install your water heater as needed. Just give us a call today.

Fixtures install

Have new construction? Have an upgrade project? There is nothing better than fixing your surroundings with upgraded fixtures. Call us first for quick and professional installation of your fixtures.

Service residential and commercial and industrial agricultural

Our professionals are available for any type of project you may have. Whether it is a residential or a commercial project we are prepared to cover all your needs. Just give us a call with the type and scope of the project and we will provide you with a quotation for our services.


An adequate septic system must be set up for your building as if this is not done, you will find that you will have occasional blockages and insufficient flow. Allow us to recommend a suitable septic design and install to suit your needs. We will ensure your septic needs fit your building. Nobody wants issues with their septic system, so don’t try the rest, come to the best!

Backflow testing and installation

We will provide certified backflow testing to ensure that your water systems will remain safe and clean.  You do not want any backflow into your home or business. So, come to us where we will prevent you from any issues such as this and you can have a clean and safe area and water supply.

Bathroom/kitchen renovations

We love renovations! We always look forward to helping our clients to realize what they need to accomplish. You can show us where you are and where you want to be and we will help you get there. Let us handle all your plumbing needs and you will not be disappointed. (See previous post on Kitchen Renovations).

bathroom and kitchen renovations

Excavating services

We also offer excavating services to support your plumbing needs. Whether you are installing a water heater, general plumbing or installing a septic system, you will need to excavate to have the adequate layout needed. We are a one-stop shop for all things plumbing so consider us for your next plumbing job.

In-floor heating

In-floor heating is another way to provide heat inside your house. It is another form of central heating and can be used to offer comfort when it is cold. There are different ways to do this so it will all depend on your needs and budget. We can always configure the best system to suit your current building and budget to ensure you are comfortable while spending what you want.

Plumbing sales

You can also get your plumbing products from us as well. We supply spare parts and products that can be installed in your house or office. With over 15 years of experience, we know exactly what our clients need.

We will sell and install all the parts you need to get you going. We will take the guesswork out of plumbing, just contact us and let us fix it all for you.

Shower Doors

We also install shower doors to help your bathroom look amazing. We do your plumbing while beautifying your space. All the options that are available will make your bathroom look exceptional. We will set up your bathroom with all you need to be comfortable.

Shower Doors
Glass shower doors

Sump pump installs

Sump pumps are very ideal when you have flooding in a basement or a low area. We can do these installations for you especially in an emergency when you need to pump water out of an area.

BC Plumbing is Ready for Your Call

We look forward to earning your trust and showing you what a great plumber in the Brantford and Simcoe area looks like. We are ready to help you.

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