5 Ways for Myself to Write Better

on September 23, 2016

I Need to Write Better

When I set out to write any of my articles/posts, I generally have a direction I’d like to pursue, or a topic I’d like to rant about. However, as I type and discover that my thoughts often amount to less than an ideal amount of words, I end up padding the page with a lot of obscure and random thoughts. These tangents definitely stray from the original topic, and are probably the cause for a drop in perceived legitimacy.

A Plan of Action

My plan of action for today is to establish a five point plan to focus future writing and enable heightened continuity. It is my hope that I can adhere to this doctrine of writing, and set a new standard for personal quality.

  1. STAY ON POINT (Stop straying from the topic)
  2. INCLUDE TWO IMAGES (It’s minor, but it is helpful)
  3. COMPLETE THE THOUGHT (No more direction shifts halfway through a sentence)
  4. EDIT AND SELF CHECK (Stop posting without reading back)
  5. REMEMBER THE AUDIENCE (Speak to people, not just search engines!)

If you think I’m missing anything in my quest for better writing, by all means let me know. I never claimed to be a write, I just happen to be able to put a few words together and have publishing ability.


Branching to Simcoe Services

on September 18, 2016

Simcoe Services

Taking advantage of the new TDL (top level domain) – .Services – The Simcoe Services department has been approved to deploy sub sites for all interested parties. This subset of websites will allow Simcoe.Services to enhance the distribution of smaller businesses on the internet for the local area of Simcoe, and Norfolk County.

Simcoe Ontario Trails

Simcoe sign on the sunrise trail. North end of Simcoe.

What remains to be seen is if this implementation will actually be effective. After reading many articles on the process, and understanding that certain aspects of this strategy are indeed sound, the application and execution will need to be monitored for results. Hopefully we see a tremendous ability to capture the area audience, which will lead to continued prosperity, and ease of use for each successive release.

Studying the Competition

It’s a strange balance to take into account. In Simcoe, you’ll find some businesses are over saturated with competition, whereas others you can see a clear gap in the marketplace. The obvious contenders are always overloaded, such as photographers, and real estate agents. Yet we see surprisingly little amounts of computer repair technicians or tow truck drivers. Ultimately every area, Norfolk County included, will find it’s groove, and this means that you’ll really eventually reach equilibrium of service offerings. It must be true, as I only see a half a dozen local web designers, and my result tends to be top two, and I NEVER get calls from the website. It really makes you wonder.

Is the VALUE the Results? or the PERCEPTION of Results?

Welcome to Services Ontario

on September 13, 2016

Welcome to Ontario Services,

We will be showcasing several businesses and services across the great province of Ontario in hopes of shedding some light, and attention on local entrepreneurs seeking to break into the public consciousness.