A Dental Adventure to… Brace for:

Getting braces is quite a dental ordeal. Let me share with you my experience with getting braces as a young girl.

Where did my Braces Adventure Begin?

When I was little I used to bite my lip all of the time. And as I grew up into a toddler my two front teeth were separated and stuck out of my mouth. I continued my lip biting and mom and dad told me to stop but I never listened. Even on repeated visits to the dentist I was warned.

I later learned the consequences.

My dentists said that I had an overbite, and it needed to be treated. A few years later after I lost my baby teeth, the next ones grew in the same way. We went into an orthodontist and they were talking about metal bars, and surgery for my jaw. It all sounded like so much, kind of scary.

My parents went for something a little more friendly for a 3rd grader. I soon found out I had to wear head gear and braces. I did not like the thought of having braces in grade 3, yikes!


Did you like wearing braces?

No I didn’t. I didn’t like braces because I was wearing braces 5 years before everyone else got them.

I also had to wear head gear, which was my least favorite because you are restricted to one sleeping position, on your back, it hurts your teeth, its big, and its just plain embarrassing. I really wished my dentists and orthodontists could have found a better way to correct my teeth.

In a way I was saved because I didn’t have to wear the head gear to school, but if I was ever in the store, or in a van, or at the movies, someone would see me and I would die inside.

Diet Restrictions

I also hated the restricted diet. You couldn’t eat gum, pretzels, corn, apples, candy, pop or caramel.

Again, I was in a way saved because it stopped me from eating all the bad foods I shouldn’t eat anyways.

What was the Best Part of Wearing Braces?

The best thing about having braces, was making my teeth straight again. But I also did like the diet. It retained me from eating bad foods on holidays, at school and at work.

There was a fun factor to the braces. I got to pick a colour elastic band to hold the braces wire together, so you could pick from a wide variety of colours to wear on your teeth.

I suggest not wearing yellow, green, white or clear. Because yellow makes u look like u have gross teeth, and green looks like broccoli in your teeth, and white and clear get stained really easy form foods.

Was there any boring, annoying daily rituals?

Yes. I had to brush my teeth after every meal as well as floss, and mouthwash.. I also had to wear elastics, so I had to put those on and off in-between meals. I had to wear headgear at night, it was painful difficult to sleep properly.

My orthodontists and dentists suggested many different tools like a water jet, so it sprays out all the food in between your teeth, without hurting the braces.

How long was the process of correcting teeth?

It took from grade 3 to the end of grade 8. I was at a school in Simcoe, Ontario.

In grade 3 I just started with head gear, and two braces on my front middle teeth. After that they put the rest on the top, and that was about in grade 4. After that they added on the bottom braces in grade 5.

They put in a retainer on the roof of my mouth. And then I only had a year of head gear left In grade 6. I had my braces on for about 2-3 more years, right to the very end of grade 8.

They put in a permanent retainer behind my top 4 teeth and another on my bottom 4 just so my teeth don’t move anymore. They gave me plastic retainer to use during nights only now.

When you got the braces off what was the first thing you ate?

When I first got my braces off I wanted them back on. I hadn’t seen my normal plain teeth for like 6 years. I wasn’t used to and neither would any body else. But after a couple days it was looking normal.

My teeth were so white. When I got home I chewed gum, and I got to choose a restaurant to eat at for a celebration. I chose my work, called The Fisherman’s Catch.

I had a burger with fries, gravy and nothing else. Woohoo!