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Meat is a foundational form of nutrition. Without the dense nutritional value and protein that comes form meat, there’s a strong chance that humanity may not have become what it is today. Vegans be darned, we need strength!

Independent Delis in Ontario

For independent delis and sandwich shops in Southern Ontario, the question often asked is ‘where do we source Ontario meat products?’ Too often, the meat packing and processing is done by large national companies that lack heart and soul, and also lack the customer care that comes with being a smaller, more regional company.

Delis have to contend with certain restrictions based on deals set by the large manufacturers, but if your deli were to choose to work with a Southern Ontario based meat product producer such as Fiedler’s Meats in Simcoe, you will not be disappointed. You can enjoy a working relationship with an independent meat producer that adheres to a variety of organizational and certification standards such as:

  • BRC Food Certifications
  • HACCP Food Safety Warranty
  • Smart Program
  • GFTC – Guelph Food Technology Centre

meat processing certifications

Meat Products Made in Ontario. Proudly.

Fiedler Meats produces all of their meat products (for independent deli sandwich makers) in Ontario. Their main facility is located on Grigg Drive in Simcoe, Ontario, and has been based in Norfolk County since 1983.

Being Ontario Made is a badge of honour for Fiedler’s. With so many national brands producing meat products in other countries, it is becoming the outlier to have a regional processing facility like Fiedler’s Simcoe plant.

Meat Made in Ontario

The Problem with Big Box Grocery Delis

Everyone remembers going to the grocery store with their mother back in the day, strolling up to the deli, and ordering $3.00 worth of sliced ham. As those thin, juicy slices of meat stacked up, you couldn’t help but to envision the delicious sandwich that would soon be coming your way.

Remember when $3.00 bought you enough sliced meat to feed the family? Those days are gone, thanks inflation, but also thanks big-grocery.

The big brands of grocery stores have become a mess of bureaucracy, and no longer can an independent, regional meat producer such as Fiedler Meats get a foot in the door to offer their savoury and tender products to a mass of people.

How Independent Companies Can Work Together

When growing independent companies in the meat industry work together, they are able to mesh together a strong foundation of interconnectedness. At scale, when you have multiple companies cross linked together in a supplier-retailer relationship, you create a network that is able to absorb market impacting events.

Southern Ontario delis, like Fiedler’s Deli in Simcoe or independent restaurants like the Barrel in Simcoe, have access to meat products such as:

  • Pork Products
    • Ham, sausage, kielbasa…
  • Beef Products
    • Corned beef, Montreal steak, roast beef and more…
  • Poultry Products
    • Chicken, turkey etc…
  • Salami Products
    • Traditional, European, New & Unique Flavours.

Assorted meat products on display

With such a wide variety to choose from, you can imagine the variety you, as a deli or local restaurant can offer your customers. You can display the mark of Ontario made products, and feel confident in knowing that when you sell these products, you are supporting local manufacturing.

Contact Details

R. Fiedler Meat Products Limited
10 Grigg Dr, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4L1
(519) 426-8520


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