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Jack and Jill Pig Roast Success (BBQ Rentals)

Getting married and planning all the events up to the big day is quite overwhelming. Not to mention, depending on your idea of the perfect day… It will be very costly. My husband and I decided to throw a jack and jill to help raise money towards our wedding funds. We weighed the pros and cons of the added stress and possible flop cost.

We knew we needed something unique and worth coming out for to lure in the people from our small town in Madoc, in Hastings County, Ontario. Enter the amazing pig bbq rental catering company we used for all of our events!stirling ontario

The Search For Catering

Our family is pretty large on both sides. When we do family gatherings it is usually a huge pot luck event to try to feed all the mouths that show up. We are grateful that everyone wants to join us on our big day, also, terrified with how much money all the events would put us into the red. Sure we have some savings, but, that isn’t near the cost of how we envision our wedding.

After finding a venue at a local farm, we set out on a long goose trail for catering. The closest city is Belleville, that city has many different options for catering… Except they all cost an arm and a leg. Plus the menus were all bland and the same. We joked about just ordering a slew of pizza and doing a pizza buffet at one point.

While we realized we were going to need to find a way to make more money to afford catering. A cousin suggested we throw a jack and jill. Or, in other words a “stag and doe”. It seemed like too much stress and work to add to our already busy schedules. We decided to add the chaos and see what the costs would be if we were to throw a jack and jill and not make any money. The last thing we needed was another bill.

That was when I stumbled across a local catering company.  A not so commonly thought of meal… Pig Roast! Our family loves to do outdoor gatherings with pot lucks and meat… Who doesn’t love a good roast!catering spit roast

Pig Roast Catering

I showed my soon to be husband the website I had found. The company was just a couple towns over in Stirling. They have so many options to choose from with sides and proteins we were bound to make a menu that everyone would enjoy.

We did start to worry about having to cook the pig roast ourselves. The carving, cooking and clean up felt like it was going to be too much for the day. When I contacted the company asking for prices and and idea of how we were to prepare and cook the hog on the spit they informed me that they had a new service where we could hire a cook to come and do the whole event!

My jaw dropped when I found out that we could do this event so cost efficiently and still be able to enjoy ourselves during the jack and jill.

After we discussed costs and booking dates we spent some time choosing sides. Yes… SIDES!

We ordered pretzel buns, creamy macaroni salad, coleslaw, a whole hog and fry pie dessert! Plus a number of sauces and drinks. Even more exciting… The plates and cutlery are all supplied in the cost. We were able to really relax with this decision. catering

Hog Jack and Jill

With everything set in stone it was time to theme up our jack and jill. We made cute little themed cards for the invited and awareness. Tickets and decorations were all based around the hog express party!

We loved the idea of the pig roast so much that if it turned out well we were going to hire them for our wedding. Not to do another hog, but to use some of their other proteins available on the menu. Herb crusted beef roast was catching our eyes… And tummies!

As the night approached we had heard that everyone and their neighbours were intending to come. The theme of a backyard bbq drinking night was too good to pass up on!

The hype wasn’t fake, on the evening of the jack and jill we had so many people there for the support. Support of us or the pig roast is up for debate. HA. Nevertheless, our unique themed party was hitting the nail on the head for so many.

Catering Worth Drooling Over

At the end of the event we had zero food left, almost sold out of the booze and every raffle was played and bid on in massive proportions. I think we both heard constantly how amazing the food was that night. We agreed!

That led us to the confirmation that we were thinking of… Using them to cater our wedding. We talked with the employee who we hired with the food about if they were available the date that we were getting married. He said he would get back to us, but pretty sure they could swing it.

Having the catering company do our wedding rather than using a basic boring caterer was not only saving us money… A lot of money, also it was a feel good choice. We would rather support a local company with quality food and great service. catering stirling ontario

Wedding Catering

On our wedding day, we had the most laid back time with a delicious meal and zero concerns. The catering company showed up with all of the gear, food, tools, plates, cutlery and everything else that we needed. Our guests were looking forward to our meal after experiencing the jack and jill success.

The beef roast was just as amazing as the pig roast.

We would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that this BBQ rental company should be the only company they use for events. Professional, clean, tasty and local!

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