Reviews of Mississauga Aquatics Instructors

on February 12, 2019

Mississauga Aquatics/Swimming Lessons Reviews

Review #1 – I Did Not Like the Water

Let me start off by saying that I did not like the water. I was very scared of it and I would get very tense even at the thought of going to swim! I guess this came from a bad incident I had when I was young when I fell into a pool in someone’s backyard in Mississauga and didn’t know what to do. Someone had to jump in and save me but it was a very traumatic experience, and haunts me still, later in life as an adult!

I hated the water and couldn’t go near it for a while! So, it is safe to say that I did not learn how to swim even when I became an Adult. The fear of the water eventually went away but I still could not swim.

My girlfriend planned a couple’s vacation with myself and her best friend and her boyfriend. The thing is, she planned it all out and guess what? It had a swimming portion that needed us to be able to swim. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know how. I didn’t want her to know that I couldn’t swim so I made a decision to face my fear and learn how to swim. A long overdue decision.

I reached out to Aim Above Swim School in Mississauga and this was the best decision I every made. They helped me to get my confidence back and helped me to completely lose my fear of the water. In a couple of lessons I was more comfortable in the water and I also now can do many swimming styles, the breast stroke, the fly and so much more.

My girl is impressed and she doesn’t know that a couple weeks ago I couldn’t swim! As you can imagine I am good to go for the trip now! Thanks Aim Above!

Review 2 – My Kids Like My Kids Before Me

I have two kids… Growing up we had an appreciation for the water. Our parents had a beach house that we used to go out to in the Summer and we spent all our time at the beach. It was a ways north from home base in Mississauga, but many people from the area head up to Kawartha Lakes, or Lake Simcoe… Nothing unusual about that.

My sister and I loved the water and we couldn’t imagine a Summer going by and we were not at the beach house. We had so much fun and we invited our friends out there and we taught them how to swim.

My kids are 4 and 6 and they are at that age where I would like them to also have an appreciation for the water as well. To be honest, I was overprotective of who would teach them. Teaching kids requires care and being gentle so they are comfortable and they will be open to learn.

I searched for a swim program and found Aim Above so I thought I would check them out. Let me tell you, these guys are awesome. Perfect in every way.

The instructors there are very gentle with the kids and make them feel very comfortable. When teaching kids this is important as only when they are relaxed they would learn effectively. My 4 year old daughter struggled somewhat but they spent that extra time with her to made her learn.

I really appreciated the care and time they took to ensure that she got it. It is a bonus to know that they are Red Cross Canada certified as well as Lifesaving Society approved. A true bonus!

Even before we started, they explained everything to make us feel comfortable to trust our kids care in their hands. I am not just saying but their overall customer service is top notch and I would recommend them to anyone.

From day one I saw their program was excellent and I was surprised that Adults could learn to swim as well.

Kudos to their program and amazing instructors, keep up the good work!

Review 3:

Aim Above! What can I say? Your name truly represents what you do. You aim above all the others and you are truly above them. I tried another organization to learn and they were very unprofessional but I when I came to Aim Above I was truly surprised.

I knew from the first lesson these guys would rock and they did! I am so happy I chose this place and the trainers have become my friends. They have made me improve all my skills and overall it is a great environment and welcoming to kids as well. We do our lessons at the Meadowvale centre in Mississauga, as they have a perfect pool for private adult swimming lessons! Top notch!

I already knew how to swim but I needed to get my confidence up. I could do some tricks but I was rough around the edges and I am so glad I came here. These guys knew everything and their technique to take me from amateur to semi-professional was great.

Meadowvale Center

To Sum this all up:

  • The trainers were genuinely kind, helpful and encouraging
  • The facility was clean and very welcoming.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to swim. All the best guys!


Spray Tanning in Hamilton / Dundas

on September 9, 2018

Spray Tanning Rocks with Belleve:

Spray tanning is one of the methods in which you can tan without using the Sun. This is a method that has gained popularity since 1960 and the light-skinned among us have been getting great results ever since.

For many years we have all been concerned about our appearance and we are willing to do many things to achieve the perfect look. Spray tan seems the least crazy of them all… Let’s learn a bit more, shall we?

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Getting Braces in Simcoe

on April 8, 2018

A Dental Adventure to… Brace for:

Getting braces is quite a dental ordeal. Let me share with you my experience with getting braces as a young girl.

Where did my Braces Adventure Begin?

When I was little I used to bite my lip all of the time. And as I grew up into a toddler my two front teeth were separated and stuck out of my mouth. I continued my lip biting and mom and dad told me to stop but I never listened. Even on repeated visits to the dentist I was warned.

I later learned the consequences.

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Businesses in Oakville, Ontario (Finding the Best 2018)

on February 11, 2018

Why Do I Love Oakville?

I love how small YET big Oakville is. It retains a sense of small town charm and essence, but still has everything a person needs in terms of big city luxuries. I mean, we have a Whole Foods, for goodness sake. There’s only a handful of these stores in Canada to begin with. So for Oakville to be blessed with one is just that – A blessing!

There’s other great things about Oakville, and it does seem like the benefits seem to pop out in the warmer weather. It is a summer town, and with that comes beach walking, and trail hiking. All the while keeping close to the major artery of Ontario, the 401 and QEW. You’re never far from an exit strategy if you happen to need one.

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Great Business Ideas in Minnesota (For anyone!)

on February 9, 2018

What’s a Good Business to Start in Minnesota?

If you’re like me, and you probably are: Human, live in North America, are on the internet -> Then you’ve probably at one point or another considered starting your own business in Minnesota.

You may have different reasons for wanting to start your own business, for me it was just about the freedom to actually do what you love (whether in Minnesota, or Ontario!), and be the one who sets the pace, and sets priorities.

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new stove top in kitchen

Kitchen Renovations in Norfolk County

on November 19, 2017

Kitchen Renovations in Norfolk County

Why Should I renovate my Kitchen?

You should renovate your kitchen in Simcoe or Norfolk County if you are at your wit’s end putting up with out of date flooring, cabinets, counter tops, or lighting (among other things).

We all experience this feeling. Especially when we are so often bombarded with pictures or videos of brand new kitchens, or fresh renovations on other people’s posts or on TV (if you still haven’t cut the cord!). It’s hard NOT to be jealous of an updated kitchen with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern kitchen reno in Simcoe.

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Foundation and Demolition: Morris Trucking

on July 30, 2017

Morris Foundations / Demolition

Morris Trucking & Excavating has been around the block… More than once. For over 45 years, this trucking and excavating company has existed to help people (or businesses) like you, save money, and get work done faster. This win-win scenario for your project (foundation, demolition, lot leveling etc) that uses a ton of past experience and existing equipment to do exactly what you need, and in good time.

Save money with:

  • Equipment rentals when you need them
  • Operator rentals so you don’t need to train operators
  • The right equipment for the job
  • Decades of experience, by the hour

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Burlington Driveway sealing company

Burlington & Oakville Driveway Sealing {New! 2017}

on May 28, 2017

The Kings of Concrete and Driveway Sealing Reign

Every home, every sub division, and every burrow of the Golden Horseshoe knows that a slick and smooth driveway is a spring and summer time MUST-DO. With all the ‘fly by night’ companies in the concrete industry, who should we attempt to get in touch with to seal our driveways in the Burlington/Oakville area?

Before We Rank Hot Driveway Sealing Companies…

A Few Facts About Concrete and Driveway Sealing:

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Paul Nudelman custom engagement rings

Wedding Rings and Custom Jewellery

on March 19, 2017

1 – The Plan

The plan is to propose to my girlfriend. We’ve been together for a few years, and she deserves the finest in custom jewellery. More specifically a custom engagement ring, made exclusively for her. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the proposal, and the ring, need to be just as unique as she is.

I’ve been browsing for a place to easily create a custom engagement ring, and have stumbled across a number of sites to help. What I’m looking for is a) easy to use b) options galore c) trust in the maker. Many of the custom jewellery designers out there are able to fulfill one or two of these prerequisites, but only one was able to satisfy all three, plus remind me of a fourth: Experience.

Why does experience matter? Easy, read on:

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Safe and Secure Hosting Providers

on December 2, 2016

Secure Hosting Provider SSL

There are a number of hosting offers available on the web. But all of these come with varying prices. The reason for this is security. There are some providers who are using outdated servers.

They are providing poor maintenance while others are not. Hence the pricing of secure hosting differs accordingly.

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