Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting (Colour Choices)

on September 17, 2019

Thinking about painting the exterior of your building?

Painting the exterior of your commercial or industrial building is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance and appeal of your structure to visitors.

When you have decided to hire someone to paint, one of the next steps you should look into is to choose the best colour that will want for the exterior.

Choosing a Colour

You can then look into the different colours that will be visually appealing and also consider things such as the texture, light and current colour scheme of the building. When choosing, you have to think about what kind of colour can help to highlight any attractive features your building may have and keep in mind that painting the exterior can increase the market value of your property.

It is quite important to think about a good colour choice that can showcase the style and impress your visitors. You should contact an exterior painting contractor who can give you a consultation that covers colour and other details you may want to consider.

Here are some tips that you can consider when looking to paint the exterior of your commercial or industrial building.

Different Types of Colours to Paint your Exterior

Historical Colours

When considering to re-paint your building’s exterior, you may want to think about the previous colour that was there before changing it.

This would make the repainting process easier as you would be using the same colours and then brighten the existing colour scheme to make the building look new again. This can be a simple way to accentuate your building and allow your pride in your building to show to your visitors when they come by.

New Colours

You can be bold and look into new and more attractive colours that will enhance and let your building’s exterior stand out more.

You may have to consider your regional or neighbourhood requirements but thinking outside of the box may be a good thing. A change in colour scheme will make your building immediately standout and also show your investment in the structure.

It will also show that making upgrades and renovations are important to you. 

Consider your Neighbours

Usually in some neighbourhoods or commercial areas, ideas can be taken from the surrounding buildings for exterior paint colour. In some areas, the colours may already be stipulated in your agreements/building codes so you will have to consider all of these issue before you choose a colour.

Even if you are not bounded and choose wild new colours, you should still consider if it will clash with your neighbours. You may be free to choose your colour scheme but it is wise to consider colours to will blend, complement or contrast with the surrounding buildings.

Always remember what you love may not fit in with your neighbourhood!


Borrowing a colour scheme from nature is always a good consideration as it offers many blending ideas.

If you have many trees around your building then you may choose something with greens or browns or if you are close to a beach area then you may consider blue or something with a pink effect.

You can even consider the direction of the sun as colour needs light and the light quality on the building will have a direct influence on the colour appearance.

Building Details

The colour scheme can be selected based on the architectural details of your building.

Use colours that accentuate the details and highlight different features of the building. If you have features such as shutters, imposts, brackets or whatever it is, use the colours to highlight these areas to make them stand out.

Professional Exterior Painting Service

Once you have moved past the decision to paint your building’s exterior and your initial colour choices, you will have to figure out how you will get this job done. You may choose to paint the building by yourself or you may choose a professional exterior painting service.

The latter may be a good choice as you can be guaranteed of a great job and reduce the time to coordinate the complete activity.

Also, if budget is your concern, they usually can work out something that fits into your budget and current needs.

The best thing to think about hiring a professional exterior painting company, is that your building will be painted without any disruption to your day!

Benefits of using a professional exterior painting company

As said before, you will not have to be worried about finding the time to do this on your own.

A professional painter will schedule the job and organize with you the most convenient time to do it. They can focus on getting the job done correctly with quality and with speed.

Some of the other benefits you can expect is that you can settle pricing upfront and ensure that you are not faced with unexpected costs to finish the job.

You would normally receive a detailed proposal that will show you all the areas to be done and the colours you have chosen. This will ensure that you will be clear on everything to be done so you are comfortable with the work scope, cost and time frame for completion.


The appearance of the building’s exterior will be far improved and it will show your pride and investment in your building.

If you are a business, you can attract customers and they will see your pride and what you have put into your business. If this is your home, it is a similar thing, your visitors will clearly see how much you love your asset and how you take care of it.

You will also be surprised how much value you will add to your building with a paint job. Go ahead and get started today!

PEC Picton

Barn and Country Catering (Prince Edward County)

on August 28, 2019

Professional Catering in Prince Edward County

Calling ourselves ‘professional’ isn’t self promotion. It’s the truth.

It wasn’t until I started reading the reviews of our catering services that I gained the confidence to state with certainty that we are professionals.

Our customers in Picton, PEC, and everywhere else are our heart. We work tirelessly to keep that heart beating. Whether it is wedding catering, or a corporate function, the goal is always the same:

Provide an unexpected amazing catering experience.

What does that actually mean though? 

  • What are people expecting?
  • How do we exceed those expectations?
  • How do we turn a typical wedding or business meal into THE catering experience?

Platter of food

With us, Barn and Country Catering, it all comes so natural. As we push our service area beyond Stirling and into Belleville & Prince Edward County, the steps are the same.

Excelling at Catering and Customer Service

Some people put forth the notion that catering is a commodity at this point. A race to the bottom in price and quality.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Getting to know the people we provide catering services for tells us that our customer service is what has set us apart from others. The heartfelt treatment and one-on-one direct attention turns heads, and drops jaws (which we will later fill with food!)…

It would seem that other companies are trying to cycle through client after client without paying attention to what is right in front of them.

Your wedding is not just another opportunity to get our name out in the world… Though that is always welcome – It isn’t the point.

You want to have a problem free wedding, and a reception with a meal you will remember. A hands-off and friction-free plated meal or buffet style event that comes and goes without a second thought – Second servings however, are always welcome!

By discussing your themes, wishes, concerns, plan, and dreams ahead of time, with  a fully attentive event coordinator assures you’re being heard. After all, there’s nothing worse then spending time addressing your needs, only to have to spell them out again later on…

Or worse yet, after the event is done, you’re left to wonder: where was the attention to detail you were promised?

Barn and Country Catering delivers on precisely this to set ourselves apart.

Catered Meals You Cannot Ignore

Delivering an outstanding catering experience can’t solely rely on exception customer service. Of course it must also include exquisite food and staffing to handle serving and replenishment.

Growing up in the country tends to build you up with certain appreciations for flavour and quality.

If you grew up on a farm, you may know what I am talking about. Having access to the freshest meats and vegetables puts you into a state of culinary perfectionism.

  • If the meat isn’t the tenderest…
  • If the veggies aren’t just perfectly hot and soft…

Even the smell coming from the kitchen is a tell tale sign of the quality of food about to be received.

The doubts end when you realize that our Red Seal Chef has put in the time to make certain every thing is as promised.

Red Seal Chef

All of the adjectives used to describe our offerings on our menu (see here) are in no way exaggerations. When we publish in writing how our food tastes, we mean it.

The Worst Part of Buffets

Waiting in the buffet line is the most gruelling part of our catering services.

The pain of smelling the bouquet of deliciousness is a strange sort of torture for hungry patrons of your wedding or other event. As you standing, shuffling closer and closer to that first scoop of potatoes or macaroni salad… Then creeping ever near to the selection of meats, steaming and smoking away their flavour right past your nose…

Thankfully, there’s never any fear of running out of food. The last person in line, and  those seeking a second helping, are assured the same vast selection and quality as the first.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

There’s always a few common questions that we get asked about how our catering business operates. Whether it is folks in Prince Edward County, Picton, Belleville, or at home in Stirling, the answers you seek are here…

Visit our FAQ page for more information

From Barn and Country Catering,
Picton, Ontario

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